These Are The Top 3 Muscle Building Supplements of 2016

Nothing beats healthy diet and lifestyle. However, we still agree that supplements play a big role in your success goals in building up muscles.

There are undeniably a wide range of supplements in the market today; some more effective than the others. Let me share three supplements that should keep your body building going.



Creatine is a substance we have us inside our muscle cells where approximately 95 percent is found in the vertebral column. This is an important acid that promotes the distribution of energy to our muscles.

In the form of creatine monohydrate, bodybuilders can now incorporate this into their diets for supplement purposes to maximize cell vitality and balance.



This is basically the sole “nonessential” beta -amino acid that we can easily derive naturally from select protein sources, such as poultry.

As we exert effort, hydrogen levels in our body also increase thus, affecting our pH levels that may make us more acidic, and later on cause fatigue or maybe muscle weakness.

Here is where Beta-Alanine plays a very important role in bodybuilding. A significant performance increase is reported with beta-alanine (BA) due to its extremely potent capacity to boost carnosine levels by as much as 60% in a span of four weeks. By keeping carnosine up, we reduce the risk of muscle fatigue.

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Whey Protein


We have seen a lot of bodybuilders and fitness coaches use protein shakes to maximize their workout results.

Well, whey protein is a great supplement to make sure the body receives the protein it needs to build muscles. Whether you are trying to build those muscles or simply lose excess body fat, adding a whey protein supplement to an activity routine can help you with the gain or loss you desire to achieve.

There go three supplements you can rely on when body building. Good luck!

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